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Fremonheads - Lemon Bliss Life Freeze Dried Candy

Fremonheads - Lemon Bliss Life Freeze Dried Candy

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  • FREMON HEADS FREEZE DRIED LEMON CANDY: Experience the Tangy Zing! Satisfy your cravings with our bigger 4oz package of freeze dried lemon candy. These extremely sour candies are perfect for all those TikTok challenges! Elevate your snacking game with Fremon Heads, the ultimate freeze dried lemon candy by Bliss Life.
  • CRUNCHY LEMON BLISS: Our lemon candy undergoes a freeze-drying process, resulting in an exceptional, crunchy texture. By removing moisture, it leaves behind a delicate, airy, and crisply satisfying consistency, setting it apart from the typically chewy, gummy, or hard nature of traditional candies.
  • BOLD AND LONG-LASTING FLAVOR: Indulge your sweet tooth with our freeze-dried candies, a delightful stocking stuffer. Our freeze-dried sour Fremon Heads candies maintain the bold and long-lasting taste of your favorite lemon candy. Enjoy the quick freeze-dried snack that bursts with sourness in every bite. Indulge in a truly intense lemon candy experience that doesn't fade.
  • ON-THE-GO DELICIOUSNESS: Compact and lightweight, each pack of freeze dried Fremon Heads sour lemon candy is perfect for a lunchbox or a road trip. Wherever you go, these lemon delights will follow, ensuring that you have your sour candy fix anytime, anywhere.
  • VERSATILE SOUR SNACKING: Our super sour lemon candies aren't just a sweet treat; they're a versatile snacking option. Savor them anytime, anywhere you crave sour lemon candy's irresistible kick. Perfect for satisfying your sour tooth on the fly.

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